A new internal communication platform: UFS NEWS 2.0

Pubmarket! got the assignment to develop a new global platform. The briefing was clear: the platform had to fit in with the new digital strategy – ‘make it engaging & relevant’! Per update, 7 to 8 video items are uploaded to the new digital platform “UFS Video News”. Key to this concept are the bite sized video messages of 2 minutes max. The navigation is intuitive and stimulates recurrent visits. As in the video messages from before, the new platform has a recognisable structure with topics such as business results, brand strategy, “people with Purpose”, achievements, and external trends. Although the platform is strictly internal, it has social media features such as likes. A good barometer for the engagement!

  • Creative concept / design
  • Copywriting
  • Production / Development
  • On- and offline touchpoints
  • Contentmarketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Data analytics & reporting
A new internal communication platform

For a globally operating food service company such as Unilever Food Solutions, efficient internal communication is an absolutely critical success factor. UFS has been supporting this for years, but the communication of the quarterly updates needed an update. The content - results, innovations, HR news, etc. - was right, but the format, the 20-minute message from the CEO, needed to get with the times.

The new digital platform is now up and running and successfully so! The opening and click rates are increasing and - most importantly - almost 40% of all visitors come back a 2nd and 3rd time.

Pubmarket! oversaw the creative concept, the architecture, the development of the platform, the editing and content, including video messages and analytics.

A new internal communication platform