Travelling with the whole family is now child’s play

Waiting in airports and train stations is no fun when you are travelling with young kids. That’s why Samsonite developed the Dream Rider suitcases: very practical, strong, and fun suitcases for kids. You can use them to pack their luggage (of course) and as a ‘car’. An ideal toy during the wait.

  • Creative concept / design
  • Copywriting
  • Production / Development
  • On- and offline touchpoints
  • Brand activation

Pubmarket! worked with the six Dream Riders, two with a Disney design and four with an animal design, and created a playful logo. For the visuals, we organised a casting and the photo shoot. The visuals and behind-the-scenes videos showcase what it’s all about: travelling with your kids is fun! The logo and key visuals were used to develop a whole set of POS, including tags for trolleys, shop-window material, and floor stickers in the form of a Dream Rider racetrack. While the parents were paying, their kids could take them for a test drive.