Pubmarket! supports the growth of SMART

In September 2020 Pubmarket! received a brief from SMART, creators and producers of inspiring and educational toys for over 20 years. They wanted us to create a year-end campaign for four different Smart games to boost the image and sales in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

  • Creative concept / design
  • Copywriting
  • Production / Development
  • On- and offline touchpoints
  • Brand activation

Up for a SMART challenge?

Pubmarket! won the pitch with its ‘Up for a Smart Challenge’ concept: a 360° campaign for decision-makers, little decision-makers and teachers. Focusing on parents, children, and teachers, we developed a media plan with a strong emphasis on thematic broadcasters, social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), online bannering, and trade magazines such as Klasse.

After only a few short weeks, we had developed 12 videos in 4 languages for Froggit, Cube Duel, Walk the Dog, and Jack and the beanstalk. We then published 75 different posts on Facebook and Instagram with these videos. We achieved 18,000,000 views and reached 3,000,000 people. The YouTube clips achieved 1,300,000 views and 18,000 clicks. The online banners achieved 3,000,000 views and 10,000 clicks. The top topical TV commercial for SmartGames during the broadcasting of De Slimste Mens was an instant hit.

But it was all about the sales. They doubled in size compared to the same period in the previous year. This exceeded the expectations of our client, and ours too! These are Effie results!

Up for a new challenge!

After the SmartGames campaign in the winter of 2020, Pubmarket! received a new briefing in 2021 to realise a large package of videos for social media campaigns and dealer sites. These videos were targeted mostly at parents and grandparents of young children.

We realised a total of 78 videos for the SmartGames brand, and these were for the games Little Red Riding Hood, Jumpin’ and IQ Puzzler Pro, with voice overs in 6 languages for social media campaigns in the European and American markets. The concept of these videos is a ‘battle’ in which the game challenges the player.

SmartMax (My First) enjoyed a huge sales boost.

For the SmartMax brand, we are talking about 110 videos for SmartMax My First and for several SmartMax games. These videos are shown on the toy chain sites and provide product info. The videos all have a fixed pattern: an intro with a short presentation of the game; a middle part in which you see how the game is played in the daycare centres (SmartMax My First) or in a home situation (SmartMax); and an outro in which the different parts of the game are shown again.

SMART have enjoyed a huge boost in sales over the last couple of years by focusing on kids that were forced to stay at home during the lockdowns. Pubmarket! wants to use these videos to support SMART in their growth. That’s the challenge.