The Proximus brand began in 1994 as a mobile division of the Belgacom group, after the launch of the first mobile network with the same name. Proximus offers a wide range of mobile-communication products and services for consumers and professionals. Since September 2014, all the landline services (internet, telephone, and digital television) have been marketed under the Proximus name. Proximus is the largest mobile operator in Belgium.

  • Communication strategy
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Creative concept / design
  • Copywriting
  • Production / Development
  • On- and offline touchpoints
  • Event marketing
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  • Social media marketing
  • E-mail marketing

To connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter

As a telecom operator, Proximus is at the centre of the digital disruption. The digital needs and expectations of both consumers and professionals are constantly evolving. Clients want to have access to their digital services and content. No matter where they are, and what device they use. Proximus is actively and proactively tackling this transformation and aims to be and remain the preferred digital-service provider for consumers and businesses. “To connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter.” That’s their business philosophy, and to achieve that, Proximus believes that their employees will make the difference.


To boost the pride of 14,000 employees, we realised an atypical buzz campaign that motivated all employees to participate. The campaign served as a catalyst to boost a whole range of business initiatives, such as Tuttimus and Bizz All-in. Without losing sight of the consumer. The campaign #WeAreProximus, that was originally launched to promote the name change from Belgacom to Proximus, was given a second life. Being deeply rooted in the Proximus DNA, it was perfect for the digital transformation of Proximus. It was a whole lot more than an awareness campaign. Very ambitious to say the least!

The strategy translates itself in the following statement: ‘We are proud to be Proximus, we believe that we do the right things, we know our propositions and offers, we take on every challenge and we show it!’ The core values ‘believe’, ‘know & address’ and ‘act’ are the three pillars of this strategy.

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The Pubmarket! approach

Proximus knows that its employees can help their consumers to connect, no matter when and where. They make sure that Proximus clients can live and work smarter. But are they willing to take it a step further? That’s why Proximus and Pubmarket! looked for #WeAreProxius Officers who were ready to take on the challenge to let their colleagues make the ultimate ‘click’ regarding everything Proximus stands for.

The first step was the creation of the job ad: “Wanted: #WeAreProximus Officer(s)’. The job description was posted throughout all owned media channels in the Proximus community: the job portal, the intranet, media screens near the stairs and in the elevators, by mail and on posters. All candidates could share their own personal story and apply for the job via the dedicated platform weareproximus@proximus.com.

For the launch of the internal communication campaign “WeAreProximus”, Pubmarket! organised the start event in the Proximus towers in Brussels on 21 June – the beginning of Summer. CEO Dominique Leroy introduced the Officers and launched the first challenge: ‘Make sure that all customers are happy with their internet connection and television’. There was a live connection with Proximus in Antwerp and Liège and the whole event was streamed live so that all operational employees in Namur, Liège, Antwerp, Ghent and Hasselt could follow the live event. The launch was also shared on Facebook and Twitter. Simultaneously the dedicated website weareproximus.be went live with detailed information.

The second challenge was combined with the launch of the Tuttimus and Bizz All-in campaigns in October. Pubmarket! launched this second challenge – convince your friends, family, relations, sporting buddies to switch over to Tuttimus / Bizz All-in using the same techniques: event and livestream.

The Officers were followed by a camera team to share a day in their professional and personal lives in a reality-TV format. Each documentary ended with a call to action and a challenge for their colleagues to follow their example. All employees received regular updates of the commercial results of the campaign via mails, infographics, and the dedicated website.

The results?

Both events were trending on Twitter in Belgium. Both on 21 June, and 17 October as well. The hashtag #WeAreProximus was the third most trending on those days. Pretty remarkable given the strong competition: it was the Euro Football tournament with the very popular Red Devils and there was a terror threat in the Brussels shopping centre City2. Mobile data use in the Proximus towers grew by almost 30% during the events and the intranet registered more than 5,000 additional hits compared to the weeks before.