Cases: Prik&Tik

Feel-good campaign

"The ultimate Prik&Tik!"

Beverage chain, Prik&Tik has everything it needs to become a well-loved brand. A network of more than 100 shops, an online shop, and most importantly, an incredibly strong product range of beers, wines, spirits, lemonades, and non-alcoholic beverages. That’s why Pubmarket! created the ‘The ultimate Prik&Tik’ feel-good campaign (Op en top Prik&Tik), which is a perfect follow up of the story we have been working on with Prik&Tik over last couple of years. We want to use this new campaign to show that every wonderful moment shared with beverages from Prik&Tik can be perceived as a real ‘ultimate moment’.

A successful omnichannel approach

"From 59 to 77% brand awareness"

In 2010, Prik&Tik and Pubmarket! joined forces for the very first time for a brand activation for the World Soccer Championships in South Africa. We hit it off right away and we’ve been partners ever since. The ad-hoc sales activations soon became a successful omnichannel approach.