E-mail marketing

“I want to do business with a company that treats e-mailing me as a privilege, and not as a transaction”

E-mail marketing is alive and kicking! Many marketeers feared that the strict GPDR rules would mean the end of e-mail marketing. Yet the opposite is true! You can no longer download large batches of e-mail addresses, but the explicit opt-in principle creates better e-mail databases.

If someone explicitly asks to receive e-mails, then this person is truly interested in your products and services.

But still, the key to success is that you play by the rules. Be as personal as possible with to-the-point information and strong offers. Use your CRM info to create tailored e-mails. Not too pushy, well written, with the right links and options to reply, while also keeping the right frequency in mind. Of course, no forgetting the obligatory opt-out button.

Pubmarket! will assist you in building a GDPR-proof database and creating a strategic e-mail plan that we will implement for you.

Strategic creativity, reflection and action:
creating, activating, evaluating and ... optimising!

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