Route to market / Go to market

“Every road leads somewhere. The challenge is to pick the right road and then stay on it.”

When you launch a new product, service, or a business, it is crucial that you first think about how you want to introduce it to the market.

  • Which target groups do you want to reach?
  • Do you only want to convince prospects or existing customers of your new propositions?
  • Who are the decision-makers? Which arguments will you use to convince them?
  • Via which channels are you going to sell? Online and/or offline? Do you have your own stores, or will you use retailers?
  • What are the price points? And what about packaging?
  • What are your USPs on which you will base your communication strategy and campaign?
  • Which customer touchpoints will you use?

By using a solid go-to-market strategy you give your approach a clear direction, especially in the long term. Your route to market is rather short term and will be more tactical and focused on the product launch. Both are equally important.

Pubmarket! has a vast experience in developing and implementing strategic plans for the launch of new products, new services, and start-ups. For B2C, as well as B2B. In a retail environment and for direct business. From the initial idea right through to the shelf, IRL or virtual.

Strategic creativity, reflection and action:
creating, activating, evaluating and ... optimising!

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Headlines to be proud of

Coco & Sebas, chocolate with an extra sparkle

A premium brand at an affordable price

"Coco & Sebas, chocolate with an extra sparkle"

From 59 to 77% brand awareness

A successful omnichannel approach

"From 59 to 77% brand awareness"

The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign

An activation campaign that sounds like music to the ears

"The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign"